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Ange Cooper is a BFA graduate from the art school of Tasmania (UTAS) where she majored in printmaking and painting. Since completing her degree in 2010, Ange has been working as a practising artist in her home-based studio and tutoring part time.

Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Ange grew up in the suburbs and was surrounded by bushland and sea. Her passion for the natural environment hasn’t faltered and her work is based predominantly around the Australian landscape.

Endeavouring to capture the essence of a place, Ange loves to visit remote areas for short periods of time to sketch, photograph and engage with the places she stays. Returning to her city-based studio, she works with the information she has gathered. Ange is especially interested in capturing the light and colour of the landscape, atmosphere and mood of a place.

Ange practised as a Registered nurse for 18 years before her days at art school. She has always maintained her passion for art throughout this time and has painted for nearly 30 years. For painting, Ange works with oils and layers each work multiple times. In printmaking, she works predominantly with lino, relief printmaking. Mostly her lino cuts are reduction prints which involves a multi-coloured print in which the separate colours are printed from the same block at different stages. The block is reduced for each colour.

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